Where People Are Searching From in Pune on Khojpal

The usage of Khojpal has increased significantly in the last few weeks due to referrals from people who have used the product. The people are mainly using the app for searching but some are also using it for making announcements. We are sure they are finding partners for their activities which is leading to increase in the number of users on a day to day basis.

We analysed approximate locations from where people from Pune are searching from for some of the top searched activities. Given below is a fascinating chart of all those approximate locations from where searches for different activities are being made from Pune on Khojpal.


What is striking about the searches is that it shows the concentration of searches in the western part of Pune comprising suburbs of Aundh, Baner, Pashan etc (as expected) on one end of the town. On the other end it shows Magarpatta City, Viman nagar, Kharadi etc area where people are searching for. There are pockets of people in Kothrud as well as around Dhankawadi who are using the app. However the majority of the users are in the West and East end of the town. There is also large pocket of users in the business area of Sangamwadi and students around COEP .

Surprisingly, Hinjawadi shows only light activity implying techies from Hinjawadi are not using the app from their offices or that people only use the app when they have reached home and are searching for things around them. That also makes more sense if one assumes that most of the Hinjawadi workers live not in Hinjawadi but commute to work and hence there are no searches made from Hinjawadi.


Everything is local!

It is very easy to make friends with people thousands of miles away. It is easy to know their status and even send them help (monetary or emotional). However it is impossible to know what is happening around the corner in your community because except for word-of-mouth, there is no good mechanism available at present.

A plethora of new applications including Khojpal is about to change this situation. These new applications help you find different restaurants, deliver grocery to your home from the nearby grocery shop or like Khojpal help you find activity partners in your area or find carpool partner. Life is getting only better…..