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Part 1 – Introduction

How SaralStocks helps an equities (stock) investor make smarter decisions about buy/sell, and create wealth in the long-term.


Part 2 – How SaralStocks Helps A Retail Investor

A quick overview of the problems of investors and how SaralStocks can help get over those.


Part 3 – Research Demo

SaralStocks helps the user with a quick scan of the markets to shortlist growth stocks to watch. The user can employ preset research filters such as “NSE high volume bullish – last 3 days” to see which stocks are moving upwards on high volume. Similarly by changing “Price Decreased by” value in “Edit Advanced Condition” dialog window and other related values, she should find stocks that have fallen in the last session. She can also set her own filter criteria, and save for the future.


Part 4 – Watchlist Demo

The user can share Watchlist with her friends or adviser for joint stock discovery. The adviser can share own Watchlist and tell her which stocks to keep track of, thus the chances of missing important buy opportunities or recommendations because of inefficient information exchange are greatly reduced. A Watchlist can be arranged by its owner around any of these parameters: Price, %Gain, CAGR, days since put on list. These parameters help her in quickly identifying stocks that are on the move. Her alerts & notes for each stock can be made visible to other users with access to her Watchlist.


Part 5 – Portfolio And Settings Demo

How to: – manage portfolio; – interpret messages given by automated rules;


Part 6 – SetAlert Demo

The user can configure rules to trigger alerts when conditions for a rule are matched. It also has built-in rules so the user can start using the application without any learning. The user can add or update these rules for Watchlist, Portfolio or cash allocation.

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Welcome to SaralStocks blog. You will find articles on stock markets specifically on identifying stocks.

Disclaimer: Use information from here and make your own analysis before taking any decision.