Khojpal (खोज/Khoj (Hindi) - Find) is an application for making announcements to your neighbourhood and a platform to locate such announcements for others to contact you. It is also a discovery platform for identifying local places of interest.

We developed vPoster™, a "Virtual Poster On the Wall" technology exclusively for Khojpal. Similar to real posters you see on the walls in public places, a vPoster is geographically constrained and hence is visible only in the region it is meant for. Such a vPoster can be made for making announcements of any nature: "need a likeminded person for a hobby activity", "find a partner to carpool", "need a sports buddy", "wants buyer to sell off old books" or even to find answers for "what is interesting nearby?" or "what is happening in my area?". The best part about Khojpal is that the content that is posted is created by people living in your locality and hence is relevant and useful to you.

Some of the technology developed for Khojpal is patent pending.

Sell Or Find Homemade Food Nearby

Finding a great homechef nearby and if you are a homechef then promoting your food products is now, a piece of cake!

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Know Whats Happening In Your Suburb

Read about changes to your neighbourhood or issues that matter to you.

Visited A New Tourist

Don't forget to let people know. Who knows? Next time you may have an interested gang along.

Find Partners For Trek Or Other Adventure Sports

Inform your interest for a hike through, vPoster and find a partner.

Are You Looking For

Find a partner for sharing a ride by either driving your own car or hop on and join a fellow traveller going your way.

Developers / App Builders / Channel Partners / Co-Branding

Khojpal is not only an app for end users but is also a platform that other software providers can use to build on top of. You can use the platform in one of the following ways:

  • Server API: You can develop your app for the phone and the web using Khojpal server for all backend heavy lifting. The API is fully documented and robust.

  • White Label App: Lets say you want to start a business of providing freshly brewed hot tea to homes and you want to connect nearest chaiwalla to the user. Instead of building the entire software infrastructure, you can simply co-brand the app with your service name. Your users will see the familiar look and feel of Khojpal app but will only see "Chai" as an activity. They will know that the app is co-branded because they will see "Powered by Khojpal" logo.

  • Exclusive Activity-Zone : Lets say you want to try your chai business only in a small locality/suburb/city, then all Khojpal Announcements for Chai in that area will be co-branded with your business name.

  • Custom App Development: If you are interested in developing a location aware app, you could leave that task to us and focus on your core business.
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Khojpal ™ and vPoster is a trademark or registered trademark of Affingo Technologies, LLP. Copyright (C) 2018 Affingo Technologies, LLP.